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decompostizione della poesia

decompostizione della poesia

Photos: Edith Payer & Nika Pfeifer

In this work for the exhibition What's the time? curated by Synne Genzmer, Edith Payer and Nika Pfeifer arranged tattooed fruits and vegetables into several still lifes using poetry and lyrical fragments. The text pieces, written by Judith Nika Pfeifer were tattooed on the fruits and vegetables by Edith Payer. One of the still lifes was installed as a billboard on the side fluc facade, others were exhibited inside. The title is an allusion to Donna Haraway's "We are compost, not posthuman!" and refers to our being, to nature, which is determined by processes of composition and decomposition, of life and its transience. Poetry and image open up a shared space of playful action in which fixed meanings are transformed and brought into flow through naming and attribution.

decompostizione della poesia

Edith Payer & Nika Pfeifer

installation | 2021 | tattooed fruits and vegetables | billboard 12,8 x 2,2 m

fluc, Vienna, 2021

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