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“In her new volume of poetry, TUCSONICS, Nika Pfeifer moves with a  sense of language between realistic and fantastic / wild perceptions of nature and the world. The title of the poetry collection TUCSONICS is a portmanteau word of the name Tucson, the city in the US state of Arizona, and the English word for sound: "sonic". The combination of both words points to the fact that in her book, Judith Nika Pfeifer plays with the sound of the U.S. city and its surroundings. Mountains, canyons, the vastness of the Arizona desert, and the Pacific coast of California also form the multi-layered underlying tones of her poems, denoting colorfulness, visuality, density, or expansiveness. The poems involves the reader in a process where conventional language games turn into free play, using experimentation, dialect, montage, mixed with a few dabs of pathos.“ (Text extract by Daniel  Terkl, Alte Schmiede, Vienna, 2019)

the city map ends 

here a desert 

pitches its tents 

in sand-colored desert
a white rescue buoy
a floating unicorn
as if someone had suddenly learned how to swim

(from: TUCSONICS, Berlin: hochroth, 2022)

Perfectly still,  2019

Video, still

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