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flugschrift #36

© 2024 Nika Pfeifer

flugschrift is an Austrian magazine project, each edition being dedicated exclusively to one artist / author.

Together with graphic designer Dominik Hruža, Dieter Sperl invites artists who have certain ideas how they might take the project further. “And then the work on it should bring something specifically new into the series, and be something made especially for flugschrift.”

"The flugschrift is a large page of paper, folded several times, a hybrid between poster - newspaper - pamphlet, flyer, and folder. It is a 48 x 68 cm publication and experimentation space that can be printed on both sides and is meant to be an invitation to to play in this sign space," says flugschrift inventor, editor, and author Dieter Sperl. “Whether it’s manifestos, drawings, photos, silhouettes, trash poetry, comics, concrete or conceptual poetry and theory, is totally up to the invited artists.”

In flugschrift #36 Nika Pfeifer explores the interface / interplay /  of time space movement text proximity distance body touch: “das rauschende licht - staub // through words: another form of reading / a visual and moving reading // we see how words act, how they make us / our bodies move and how bodies respond to each other with gestures, movement // everything is part of the same world, lasting for the time of the projection // the light of the sun now flickers through myriads of dust particles : SPARKLES // the movement here is a continuum; it inserts the fragmentation of events into a single time that unfolds continuously in a moving image //  presents itself as it is: as a body / a plant, a factory of words and meanings which themselves are polyphonic // THE DOTS! // au fils des mots: une autre forme de lecture…” (extract)

flugschrift #36, 2021

Judith Nika Pfeifer. edited by Dieter Sperl
und Dominik Hruža